NAKINA, N.C. 28455



THE FARM is 11+ acres of land, mostly wetlands, located at:

10662 7 Creeks Highway,  (RT 905),   Nakina, NC 28455

The property was originally purchased as a family playground but a new vision developed after my time working on a disability claim with the Veterans Administration. While talking with other Veterans, with a wide variety of issues that came from their sacrifices while in uniform, I decided to open the land for use by my fellow disabled Veterans. 

But the Vision did not stop at that point.  A close friend made me aware that the local high schools Junior ROTC classes had to travel long distances to do some of their training.  So I offered THE FARM to these young adults for their training use.  Their suggestions will be incorporated into the addition of facilities in the future and can be found under the "WISH LIST" tab.  All of these ideas will contribute to their education while having fun and learning about each persons civic responsibility.



Establish a safe recreation area for disabled veterans and first responders with facilities that:

Provide a safe, stress free environment that encourages personal interaction and open communication

Develop facilities that are accessible to veterans and first responders with all levels of disabilities

Provide interactive facilities that meet the needs of the local Jr. ROTC units’ educational needs in a fun setting.

Provide an area that can be used by the local community for a variety activities

Provide these services to the Veterans, First Responders, and Jr. ROTC at zero cost to participant or government.