NAKINA, N.C. 28455


THE FARM Facilities:

  • This recreational park is not a registered charity and we do not solicit donations.  Donation of building and operating supplies are always welcome and greatly appreciated, especially when it aids in completing a project on the facility update list below or the wish list.

  • It has been funded and constructed to date by my family and a variety of skilled volunteers that feel the same as I do about Veterans and First Responders.

  • We can use more Volunteers if anyone feels compelled to join us in completing some of the tasks below.

  • At the moment we are in dire need of carpenters to assist in building the Rest Room / Shower Building.


Compound development

Garage 28’ X 16’ for equipment storage (complete)

Pavilion 28’ X 16’ for picnics, movies,  misc. (complete)

Archery range install (complete)

Electronic shack (in progress)

  • Closed circuit surveillance install (complete)
  • Security system install (complete)
  • Insulation install (complete)
  • Install amateur radio (HAM) equipment and antennas (in planning)
  • Install computer/internet HAM repeater site (in planning)
  • Install projector to use for an outdoor movie theatre (in planning)

Obstacle course layout and installation (in planning)

Installation of a fire pit in center of camp area (two complete,)

Installation of bathroom / shower facility

  • Septic Tank Permit (approved)
  • Installation of septic  (complete)
  • Bath / shower concepts in planning (solar / LPG) (in planning)
  • Concept sketch (complete)
  • Request for quote (complete)
  • Building permit (complete)
  • Construction (in progress)

Pond development

  • Banks to be cleared and land leveled, around front ponds (in progress)
  • Stock with carp first then stock with game fish (in planning)
  • Small pond cleared and shaped with track hoe (in progress)
  • Existing paths to creek on back lot needs to be cleared and leveled for disabled accessibility (in progress)

Install a recognition bulletin board (in planning)