• Johnny Edge
  • Clive Moore
  • Warren Walker
  • Jim Stanley
  • Jon Dorsey
  • Carson Hardy
  • Larry Dwyer
  • Andy Dwyer
  • Ed Gusman
  • Barlow
  • Rev.  Curtis Andrews
  • Rev.  Sterling Sarvis                
  • Whiteville High School Jr. ROTC
  • LTC McLoud




NAKINA, N.C. 28455


When starting a project like The Farm there are hundreds of things that I never considered and it has been a learning experience, some times a painful learning experience.  I have remembered why as a child I wanted to get off the farm and out of the nursery business while maintaining 11+ acres of land that we purchased.  

But the primary thing I have learned is how an endeavor like this will build friendships and bring diverse people together when they find a cause that they all support.   I met so many wonderful people that I can not list them all here but there are some special people that I want to recognize not only for what they have done for the project but for their sincerity and friendship.