It is a difficult statistic to comprehend, but the US military, active, retired, and veterans lose ~ 22 Hero's a day to suicide.

We, the US military, know how to turn young people from civilians to the best military combat in the world. BUT, many of the things that our men and women see and live through will haunt them the rest of their lives. We do not know how to train the troops to rejoin society without anxiety. Recently, my best friend, Warren Walker, sent me a link to the following fabulous short film. I wish to express my most sincere appreciation to Adam Reeb, the Director of this short for allowing me to share it on this page.

THE FARM's primary goal is to reach out to the troubled souls that this film depicts. As one of those that has been lucky enough to live through those dark days with the help of my wife and a couple of outstanding Doctors and Therapist. This film shares a small insight into one soldiers fight with PTSD. I hope this provides a view into those dark places that plague many of us and draws anyone suffering from PTSD to call or visit me at The Farm. I now introduce you Adam Reeb and his comments about the film.


                                                                            Adam Reeb, Director

The pain and angst of demise, and the downward spiral of PTSD, is often dismissed by the masses because it is a path walked alone. No one is present to witness the internal battle. No one is there when it happens. No one is around to beg someone to stop.

Of a Grateful Nation... puts the reality of veteran suicides, and the throes of PTSD, to the forefront of the American mind. Of a Grateful Nation is about a man- once a hero, and now a broken spirit- spiral out of control. Self-medicating with prescription pills and alcohol, a young man- back from a world of war- is unable to cope with a time of peace. He is alone, drugged, drunk, and armed. No one is with him. No one is there to stop him. He is left feeling the abandonment and true separation from the people and the nation he served. This is the reality that an average of 22 veterans face every day; the reality that

Of A Grateful Nation... forces the world to see.